Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am not very good at keeping up on things - obviously.  It has been a crazy past month.  There hasn't seemed to be much down time at all. Every evening seems to have at least one person with an activity, and then there is homework galore between five kids.  Yes even the kindergartner has homework - ridiculous if you ask me.
Alex participated in the spelling bee at school and got 3rd place. She went on to the district spelling bee
where she got out on the 3rd round.
Andrew completed his life saving skills merit badge(or something like that)  last week in scouts.  This week they are working on their swimming merit badge.
BJ participated in his schools talent show a few weeks ago.  He and his friend played the theme song from the Avengers on their clarinets.  This is the second year he has done it and I have been impressed by the student body and their attitudes about the talent show.  Everyone cheers for all the acts and I never see any teasing or etc.  It is nice.
Parker is enjoying the warmer weather and being able to ride his bike every day.
William has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. I can't believe how fast all my kids are growing up!  It seemed like it would never happen when they were 2 and 3 but now it all seems to be on the fast track.
Hopefully soon we can get to all the work that needs to be done outside.  Spring is definitely here, unfortunately my energy and time do not match the good weather!  It seems that most weekends are either incredibly busy or I am working when the good weather happens. Ah well; life goes on!

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Jason&Shannon said...

The other day a lady who has a kindergartener in Aubrey's kindergarten class was upset that they have not had a homework packet in three weeks. She had even mentioned it to the teacher. I was like, um, frankly, I have enjoyed the break.