Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am not very good at keeping up on things - obviously.  It has been a crazy past month.  There hasn't seemed to be much down time at all. Every evening seems to have at least one person with an activity, and then there is homework galore between five kids.  Yes even the kindergartner has homework - ridiculous if you ask me.
Alex participated in the spelling bee at school and got 3rd place. She went on to the district spelling bee
where she got out on the 3rd round.
Andrew completed his life saving skills merit badge(or something like that)  last week in scouts.  This week they are working on their swimming merit badge.
BJ participated in his schools talent show a few weeks ago.  He and his friend played the theme song from the Avengers on their clarinets.  This is the second year he has done it and I have been impressed by the student body and their attitudes about the talent show.  Everyone cheers for all the acts and I never see any teasing or etc.  It is nice.
Parker is enjoying the warmer weather and being able to ride his bike every day.
William has learned to ride his bike without training wheels. I can't believe how fast all my kids are growing up!  It seemed like it would never happen when they were 2 and 3 but now it all seems to be on the fast track.
Hopefully soon we can get to all the work that needs to be done outside.  Spring is definitely here, unfortunately my energy and time do not match the good weather!  It seems that most weekends are either incredibly busy or I am working when the good weather happens. Ah well; life goes on!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am not sure where to begin.  Life has been just the usual busy.  BJ had his honor band concert this past Saturday.  I didn't get to go because I was working, but I heard it was good.  BJ was 3rd chair.  BJ got his patriarchal blessing on Sunday. He should get his hard copy this coming Sunday.  Joseph and I were surprised by the quick turn around.

Everyone else is their usual busy with school, activity days, cub scouts, scouts and friends.   We were able to go to a friends house for dessert this past Sunday.  Though it really wiped me out the next day it was a lot of fun.  Maybe we can invite a family over once a month and make it a tradition.  It will mean a lot of work for Joseph to get get the house ready, so we will have to see.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's been awhile

So it looks as though I have missed all of Feb.  It's been a month of sickness around here.  First there was the stomach bug that was going around; then it seems like the next week I started getting a respiratory infection.  I didn't think much about it but it just wouldn't go away.  I was taking my inhaler 3+ times a day.  Joseph finally made me go to the doctor after abt 9 days and it turns out I had bronchitis.  So after antibiotics and inhaled steroids I am finally feeling like myself again.  So much to catch up on now!  I don't know where to begin! Poor BJ is still sick.

We has a very busy Tues night this week.  Alex had activity days in the afternoon.  Andrew had an orchestra concert at 5:30, BJ a band concert at 7:30; and Parker had his Blue and Gold banquet for cub scouts at 6:30.  cRAZY!

We got a new dryer last week. Our old one had been repaired several times and was on its last legs.  We spent a little more than we usually do hopefully for a little better quality.  It is commercial grade- with our big family that is what we really need.  Our old one squeaked all the time and would drive everyone crazy and make everyone irritable.  It is so weird to have a silent dryer!

Tonight we are to go to a recognition dinner for Joseph.  I still have no idea what to wear.  I am a boring person and don't know how to make small talk.  I am not looking forward to this, but I want to go and support Joseph.  Oh well; I'll survive.

Well it's time to move on to laundry and dishes.  Bj's birthday is coming up fast- too fast.  Gotta try and get ready for that too!  have a good week.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

run of the mill stuff

So i have a couple of weeks to catch up on.  I am not sure what has taken up most of our time, I guess just the normal day in and day out stuff.  We had our first activity days of this year and it was a "ketchup" day.  We went through all the girls Faith in God books and marked off all the stuff we did this past year.  I still have one girl to get to- there wasn't enough time to get to everyone in our hour - though we never seem to be able to keep our meeting to one hour.  I am not even sure where that time frame came from. May have to do some research to see what the official time frame is supposed to be.  I had some Article of Faith activities for the girls to work on while I pulled the individuals out.  My partner kept an eye on the rest of the group and helped them pass off some of their Aritcles of Faith.

Joseph has had a sore back/shoulder/neck for a few weeks and finally went to the doctor.  It turns out to be an inflamed muscle.  He was given muscle relaxants and naproxen.  He spent a few days at home last week trying to feel better.  The naproxen didn't really do anything for him so he switched to Ibuprofen.  After several days of the relaxant and round the clock Ibu he is feeling better.  He has to be constantly reminded to take it easy and not strain the muscle.  It gets harder as he feels better - he thinks he should be able to do stuff even though he still needs to rest it.

The kids are plugging away at school.  It is the season of projects it would seem.  Alex just finished a book report and now has to memorize a poem, Parker has a book report coming up; Andrew a science fair project; and BJ just finished a paper.  I am just trying to keep everything straight.The part that bugs me most is unclear expectations from the teachers.  Due dates half the time are missing and half the time seem to be fluid.  I wish there was just a paper telling when the project is due and a clear outline of what needs to be accomplished.

Winter is getting to me and I am just trying to make it through.  I find myself sleeping a lot.  I really need to try and be better about using my light therapy.  It does help but spending 30 min in front of it everyday sometimes seems impossible.

Well I think that is enough for now - have a good week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

getting back to "normal"

This past week has been about getting back to normal - of sorts.  We got all the Christmas decorations taken down.  Normally I feel a sort of emptiness when it comes down, this year I felt relief.  It just feels like there s space again.  I  will have to make sure a de-clutter a ton before next year so we don't feel so overwhelmed.  The kids started back at school on Thurs last week.  Most didn't seem to mind, Andrew seemed to have a hard time, but once it came down to it was fine.  I am not sure I am ready to be thrown back into the thick of school with all the needless homework, the projects, etc.

We got BJ an new (used) clarinet over the break.  We found one in the classifieds for rather inexpensive.  His original we didn't get the greatest since we didn't know if he would even stick with it.  We have had to have it repaired a few times and just before Christmas break he broke one of the keys.  We need to re-cork at one of the junctions on the "new" clarinet, but I think it sounds better than his old one.  Hopefully he will be able to play it easier too.

My breathing has gotten a lot easier.  I don't seem to need my inhaler as much, but still lose my breath easily when active.  Work is about to start in earnest so hopefully it will clear up soon.  We have just a few things left on Alex's room to do, unfortunately they are all the tiny details that take time and finagling.  I believe we decided to do the laundry room next.  It is in desperate need of insulation, and flooring since the washer leaked.  We were able to get our dryer fixed, so now that is off our replacement list.  Yay for a handy husband!

Hope you have a good week!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Resolution

One of my new years resolutions is to write to my Grandma Cowles more often.  I figured more might like to keep up to date with us so feel free to read too, but this is mostly for Grandma.:)

We have had a good week this past week.  The kids went back to school today.  Joseph goes back to work on Mon.  It will be nice to have a few days with just him, though he is still sleeping so far this morning.  We had a nice new years eve.  BJ went to a youth dance and the rest of us stayed home, at too much and played games with Grammy and Grandpa.  Andrew and Alex were the only ones to make it until midnight.  It was the fist time I haven't worked it in years.  It was fun to be home.

On Sunday I was having a hard time breathing, went home during Sunday school and took my inhaler.  It got worse the next day so I went to the doctor.  For some unknown reason I seem to be having an asthma exacerbation.  He gave me a new inhaler (mine was expired by a year and a half) and another one to take for a week.  I have been breathing much better though I still can't be to active.  I finished up physical therapy on Tues. for my sprained ankle.  I sprained it beginning of Sept.  I had about 6 weeks of  PT.  It is much better now, but definitely not back to normal.  It probably never will be.  The kids all were sick sometime during this winter break.  Luckily it only lasted a few days each and now seems to be over.

Joseph has been working some on Alex's room remodel.  He laments that finish work takes so long.  I still have all the curtains to make for her room -  2 window and a closet.  Once her room is done we will start on one of the other bedrooms upstairs or the vanity room.  Maybe I'll make Joseph finish the front room though.  Who knows.

Hope you have a good week!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

random thoughts

So in an effort to post more and keep others updated more I am writing today without pictures and without a clear vision, so if you want to skip feel free.

there has been quite a lot going on lately.  Not much exciting just normal day to day stuff with a little more mixed in.  There has been very slow progress on our bathroom remodel.  We now have the light switch installed and the fan sorta hooked up.  We bought a timer switch that turned out to be bad and so had to go replace that and Joseph also discovered that we will have to move it all to have the door frame fit.  He did get the last sheet of drywall up on the ceiling this past weekend. 
We also learned in mid January that the guy buying our mobile home passed away.  Rather than deal with any grief and non-payment etc issues we decided to take the house back.  We got the keys back last night and went down to Salt Lake to take a look.  It is pretty much in the same condition we left it in 6 years ago, except it is grungy and smells of smoke.  I think after a thorough cleaning a few times it will be better.  Anyone have a great idea for getting a smoke smell out?  The guy did do some upgrades on the house like put a new roof on, put in a new furnace and water heater and air conditioning and also put in an alarm system.  The flooring could all use replacing, and the counter tops updated, but we don't have the budget for that; especially since we don't have the budget for the house in the first place!

The kids are plugging away at school.  None of them are enjoying it much.  Andrew hasn't complained a whole lot this year.  BJ continues to struggle with math (mainly just not doing it); Alex is frustrated with her split 2nd/3rd grade class.  There is always quite a bit of drama among her friends as well.  Parker has had a tough time with all the changes of teacher.  He does seem to like his new teacher though.  Will is enjoying preschool and playing with his friends.

I have insanely agreed to do a wedding cake for a family in our ward.  I am VERY nervous about getting it done and them liking it.  It is somewhat intricate and will take making about 500 flowers.  Hopefully all will work out well!

Well those are my random thoughts for now.

Friday, December 16, 2011

As promised

So I bought a new camera cord and the next day found the old one. As promised here are pictures from out bath remodel:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello again

So it has been a looong time since I posted anything and life is busy. Day to day doesn't seem like it, but as I look back it does. We keep very busy with work and school and church callings. The kids are involved in various things like band and orchestra and playing with friends. We have been redoing our bathroom, as in completely gutting down to the studs and redoing plumbing, electrical etc, etc. that has taken most of our time. Joseph worked feverishly for about a month. We got the plumbing almost completely done(have to move one more drain). That involved replacing ALL the pipes both fresh water and waste. He moved several things around, like moving the toilet drain which was sitting in the middle of a floor joist, and made a clean out that is accessible on the side of the house. In order to do some of it he had to dig out the pipes and then replace them. It has been quite the experience. I am kind encouraging a break right now because I want my husband back for a little while. He literally spent every free moment on the bathroom. We will pick up again after Christmas. At least most of the work now will be noticeable. I have taken pictures, but have lost my camera cord, so once I get a new one I will post pictures.

Monday, May 16, 2011

More cakes 2

These are some birthday cakes : Andrews and obviously mine and Alex's. Next time with Andrews I would just use green sugar instead of the jelly beans. The cake inside had Kool-Aid in the batter so it was a bright pink and had little choc chips in it too. I wish I had a picture of it sliced!

These are cakes I made for my friends. The two above match their individual personalities. The one below I made for a friend who had recently lost a loved one and needed some cheering up.

I've decided I need to make cakes more often. I was quite out of practice!
We have been busy with scouts and school and now activity days and mutual. The older two boys have also been in a Robotics club after school. They had their Physics day this past weekend. BJ did really well placing in the top three of his school. He did sumo-bots (where the robots "fight" each other. Andrew did a maze and though he didn't place his robot did make it all the way through the maze, which is an accomplishment in and of itself!
Alex is thrilled to be 8 and in activity days. She is looking forward to her baptism the first Saturday in June.
Parker is more than ready to be in first grade and go to school all day. I confess I can't wait for that either. He is progressing in reading quite well even though he tells me he can "only read at school."
William is finally potty training! Yay! We have had a kid in diapers for the last 12 years! I am excited for this to end.
I can't believe how fast my kids are growing up! Its especially hard realizing I have a 12 year old!